Hello everyone!
Chris Bernier of CTB Electronics here.  So you all know my place “Chris Griswalds World” is exempt from the competition.  The first year the competition was held by the Childrens Discovery Museum and Kringleville, we won first place.   That year I decided to jump in neck deep to help the museum keep this friendly and fun competition going.  I love the efforts that everyone puts into their displays and it brings so much joy to the people who make light peeping an annual tradition.  Plus it brings some happiness during a time when we have shorter days and longer nights which can effect some people very deeply.  Sometimes just some beautiful lights on a house can cheer people up.
Just last night I had a car pull up to my house.  A couple of teens jumped out of their car with their mom, ran up on my lawn where I had 2 Adirondack chairs set up.  They grabbed a seat, struck some poses and mum took pictures of them in front of our display.  Just one of so many reasons I think this is such a great competition and something we should all help to keep alive and well.
With that..  I had  a chance to slip out and check out all the light displays and I can honestly say you all did an amazing job.  You should all be proud of yourselves.
Now the results.  I had the kids of the local Cub Scout pack go out with their parents to do the judging again this year.  I selected 9 judges from grades K-5th.  Who best to be the judges in my opinion.  =o)  Here is what these kids had to say.
Business Division.
1st Place – Holiday on the Hill – Waterville – done by Alek Fortier of State Farm and returning champion to defend his title.   =o)  You win the coveted 1st place Blow Form trophy
2nd Place – Remembering our loved ones this holiday season – Waterville – done by Gallant Funeral Home.    You win the coveted 2nd place Blow Form trophy
3rd Place – Herris Family Christmas – Waterville – done by the Harris Family     You win the coveted 3rd place Blow Form trophy
Resident Division.
1st Place – Light up the Cushman Road – Winslow – done up by Holst Family.    You win a new 43 inch flat screen TV
2nd Place – Blue Christmas – Vassalboro – Done by the Shorey Family    You win a new Audio Sound bar and subwoofer.
3rd Place – A Christmas for all and for all a good night – Winslow – by the Hudson Family   You win a blue-tooth speaker system.
Honorable Mentions – Harrington House Winslow, Woodland Camping Christmas Waterville and K-9 Christmas in Fairfield.
Also a huge honorable mention to Jim Hollingdale at The Maineiac Lighthouse Family Christmas Favorites.  He asked to participate but not be a part of the Judging pool.  Props to you!  You did an outstanding job with your synchronized light display.

Sorry to everyone for not getting on this but as you know the windflood of 23 put a dampener on my free time no pun intended.  That said…I hope you all recovered from the storm ok and I will be taking a short vacation but when I return after the 3rd I will go out to your places to distribute prizes.
Take care everyone and don’t forget to support the Childrens Discovery Museum with your tax deductible donations.
I look forward to having all of you in next years competition, be looking for information  at the end of September.

Til Then Merry Christmas and safe and beautiful New year to you all!

Chris Bernier
CTB Electronics
Co-host of the Light up the Town Competition

We were blown away by your displays the last few years and can’t wait to see what you come up with this year!
Help us keep this great tradition going
The Children’s Discovery Museum and CTB Electronics is hosting a city-wide light celebration!
Businesses and individuals decorate their properties with as many lights as possible. The registered parties will be part of a city-wide map for members of the community to drive or walk by each location to admire the decorations.
Once you register, you are responsible for decorating your property with as many lights and decorations as possible. The more lights the better! Once we have gathered all entries, we will compile a Light Up The Town map to distribute to the community. Please have your light display ready for November 25, 2023, and keep your lights up all season long!
We encourage everyone with holiday spirit to participate!
PRIZES!  We are giving out some great prizes this year as we have done since this great event began in 2020.
Business and Residential will be separate categories and judged independently.  We will be handing out a 1st 2nd and 3rd place prize to both categories.
Remember this event is for the kids to brighten the holiday spirit.  As such, we have selected Cub Scout Pack 445 to be the judges of this years Light up the Town Competition.
Winners will be announced in December by email and through REM.
Thank you to CTB Electronics for helping to keep this event going!
Registration Form
 If you have any questions, please email event coordinator Chris at circleofone555@hotmail.com
We look forward to working with you on this spectacular event!
Last years 2022 1st Place winners were:
For the residential division competition Mark and Fran Hudson of Winslow won 1st place with their display “Rudolph and Friends.  Their display featured almost all of the characters from the famed claymation movie “Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer”.   Mark and Fran won a 40″ Flat Screen TV.
In the business division State Farm on Kennedy Memorial Drive in Waterville took 1st place with their display “Holiday on the Hill” Set up by Alek Fortier featuring red and white lights all over the place.  Airplanes landing at LaFleur Airport must of used it as a signal beacon for landing.  An amazing display for sure.  State farm won a mini Christmas blow form Trophy and bragging rights.